With 15 years experience behind her as a successful artist, working in oil and charcoal, Belinda’s studio is currently based in Somerset West, South Africa. As a well respected art instructor she teaches and mentors artist’s privately and runs group workshops.  Belinda has more recently begun exploring sculptural work. 

Growing up in rural KZN and having always had an interest in photography, her work combines the idea of viewing life through the lens of both the voyeur and the viewer, with the landscape serving as a metaphor for the human condition.
The connected act of engaging with the world around us from both an emotive standpoint that represents frequency and the unseen and a visual, subjective one are the central themes in Belinda’s work. Her paintings display expressive brushwork and a sensitive palette which engages the viewer in a connected experience with the subject matter. She strives to express form through a combination of realism and abstraction, using marks of colour that capture a unique quality of light and atmosphere in her paintings.

“My work is largely representational, I strive to paint my participated experience in life whether it is a landscape or figurative study. Inspiration, beauty, honesty and an appreciation of life can be found in unexpected places. In the exquisite curve of a ceramic bowl, the delicate illumination of a shoulder that catches the light, the quiet magic of trees stripped bare beneath a winter sky, or hues and values reflecting and influencing each other. What things are and the edges that define them and the spaces that connect them are all equally important. Looking and truly seeing are poles apart and I strive to convey this in both my art and teaching.”

Belinda’s work to date has been sold privately and hangs in collections both in South Africa and abroad.



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